Lost my flash

2010-07-01 20:31:10 by eaglewing

New computer and can't find Flash. So no movies till I get $300 to get a replacement. Like that'll ever happen.

New appearance in flash movie

2008-08-11 19:18:38 by eaglewing

I got the part for a new movie. I'll post the link when the author makes it.

Just fixed everything

2008-07-24 20:17:18 by eaglewing

Well I got hacked yesterday. I know this since I got banned for a post I did not make. Also the blog entry. Luckily I have my account back. All I need now is to report the people telling me to yif in hell in PM and everything will be normal again.

10 is up

2008-04-17 20:54:52 by eaglewing

It's finally up. With the lemon I promised.

Why so Random

2008-01-05 15:16:05 by eaglewing

The ninth episode has finally hit newgrounds (although i did skip 1-6). Somehow it made it without getting killed so I'm immediately starting the tenth one.

The next episode I promise:

LEMONS (not boobs) *crowd whines about lack of boobs*

It all started in the bbs. I just volunteered and next thing I know I got some lines to say. this is gonna be great. When it gets to the portal I hope he tells me so I can vote 5.

Four animations

2007-08-17 14:59:18 by eaglewing

Whoa. To think I'd get to more than three animations here. I was exited when I found about about the first one.